About me


Ph.D. in Horticulture
Freestyle artist/creator.

My favorite quote:

How long will you put off what you are capable of doing just to continue what you are comfortable doing?


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I am a full time researcher in South Korea, and also a freestyle artist/creator on the side. I was born in Punjab, India, where I attended high school and finished my graduation. I was always inclined towards learning, and science quenched my thirst for knowledge. The urge to find networks and signaling pathways affecting gene functions to create a holistic network of information lead me to pursue my Ph.D. in South Korea.
Art on the other hand, provided a balance in my life, and fed my soul. As an introvert, and a person who ‘feels feelings to deeply’, it was calming to express myself in the form of illustrations and abstract paintings. So, my life is a yin and yang of art and science. Through my journey, I am constantly losing and finding myself.
Designed By CKB is a way for me to connect with you, share my thoughts and a creative venture to share my art with people who feel a connection with it.

Follow me on Instagram @chetankaurbhogal and @designedbyckb and hop in for a ride in the rollercoaster of my life