Licensable Tattoo Designs

Here is the catalogue of my 3 am ideas, transformed into minimalist tattoos. If you feel a connection to any of the tattoos, feel free to buy the license to use (one time payment), as an appreciation of my work. Feel free to tag me on social media, if you use my designs.

Here’s what you get:
– A written statement signed by me, to show your tattoo artist that you have the license to use the art (most reputable artists don’t tattoo the artwork if it’s a copy)
– High-Res File of the tattoo emailed to you.
(If you want to add text in any of the designs below, i will do so, free of charge. Click here to send me your request)

Old memory
I was reminded of the resilient plants that were planted in old whiskey bottles in Indian households. In times of hardship, memories like these just come up to give me a philosophical hope in life.
Somedays I just want to fly like a plastic bag in the air, with no purpose and direction. That’s my idea of escape. It’s one of my favorite illustrations. that I personally want tattooed on my body.
Let me out
A suppressed higher power, wanting to come out. It’s divine, fierce and a source of ultimate freedom. It was created by the person they reside in, as a result of all the suppressed feelings.
Meditation Dream
An idea that came to mind while it wandered and tried to meditate.

Infinite resilience
The leaves looked nice on their own, so I am putting them here separately.

More designs coming soon

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