Custom Art Services

Are you looking for someone who can design for you? or create a personalized art piece that you have been wanting to gift to your friend. Lets get talking, and bring your idea to life.

I create personalized art ranging from custom digital portraits, invites, tattoo design, logo design.

Lets get started !
– Select the service of your choice
– Fill a questionnaire and we can connect via email to discuss your ideas
– I will create a few drafts
– After your approval, the final version will be sent to you
Flexible sessions are available to discuss your vision and pricing.

Digital Portraits

Portraits ranging from ultra-detailed to minimalist line portraits, you can decide!

Tattoo Design

I specialize in minimalist monochrome tattoos. We can discuss your vision and I can come up with a few designs that you can chose from

You will own the rights to this tattoo


Invites custom made for your occasion. You can get a combination portrait and invite, like the one I created for Merin and Jinto’s special day. I can bring your dream invite to reality.

Digital art and logo designs

You have an Idea that you want me to create?, like the Ik Onkar painting I made on a client’s request, or the beautiful bird I created for a story book.

Starting a small business and need a cool logo design?

Scientific Illustrations

A Ph.D. in Horticulture (Specialization in Molecular Genetics), and a passion for art, gives me this unique talent for creating scientific illustrations. Lets get talking and create illustrations that will make your research article stand out.

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