Losing myself, Finding myself

The noise in my brain is drowning me into another plane, away from reality. Thousands of unrelated thoughts running around faster than I can interpret them. I can hear my heart beating. I am breathing, but I feel like I can’t breathe. I can see people’s lips moving, I can hear them but nothing they say makes any sense. My brain is running its own marathon. My body is weighing itself down, as if the effect of gravity had doubled suddenly.

Journal your way to success in 2022

I am the kind of a person who finds it difficult to sit idle; constantly creating something new and my brain usually goes on overdrive and overwhelmed with all the ideas and new ventures that I start.  Sometimes, it would become extremely challenging to handle and organize that it numbed me. In order to balance my studies and artistic ventures, I started journaling. I used to keep my schedule in a small diary, which was bought from a dollar store After a few months of keeping the diary, I discovered ‘Bullet journaling’. It was fun to watch hours and hours of videos where people createdContinue reading “Journal your way to success in 2022”