Journal your way to success in 2022

I am the kind of a person who finds it difficult to sit idle; constantly creating something new and my brain usually goes on overdrive and overwhelmed with all the ideas and new ventures that I start.  Sometimes, it would become extremely challenging to handle and organize that it numbed me. In order to balance my studies and artistic ventures, I started journaling.

I used to keep my schedule in a small diary, which was bought from a dollar store After a few months of keeping the diary, I discovered ‘Bullet journaling’. It was fun to watch hours and hours of videos where people created beautiful monthly journals. I too gave it a go. i shifted to bigger diary, painting my own monthly templates. It helped me a lot to keep a tab on my deadlines and see my monthly schedule in full view. It was a space where I could jot down every idea, at any time. It brought back my sense of control.

It helped until it became incredibly difficult to keep up.

The whole task of painting and creating templates every month looked pretty on the YouTube videos, but it became a task that I no longer enjoyed. Also, the keeping a diary with me all the times was a hassle. On days , when i would forget bringing my diary, I felt helpless. I wanted something that was accessible everywhere, like google calendars, but better and personalized.

In the same year, I invested in an iPad and discovered an app called Microsoft OneNote. Here, I could access everything on the cloud, and I was no longer afraid to lose my data or not be able to access my journals. Initially, I downloaded free calendar templates and started journaling on the OneNote app. That’s how I discovered the world of ‘Digital Journaling.’ Soon, I created my own personalized templates and since then, It has been two wonderful years of journaling.

So here I am, with a gift for all of you for the year 2022: Free 2022 Journal templates available for free download. I created these versatile templates, which can be used in any way you desire. You can use them on your PC, notebook or iPad with the Microsoft OneNote app, or any app you like. Alternatively, if you like classic journaling, you can print these templates and write on them. I would love to help if you have any queries regarding the usage, feel free to leave a comment or email me.

Click Here to Download these free templates and have a happy journaling!

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